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Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) Slices Through US Lies On Iraq

Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, and now, he's speaking out strongly against the lies and half-truths within the Bush administration's policy on Iraq. This is a mind-changing interview - POWERFUL REASONING. 55 minutes (Real Audio Stream click "full story" link // Also, MP3 Format)

Daniel Ellsberg is among the most important and heroic Americans of the<br /> last few decades

Daniel Ellsberg is among the most important and heroic Americans of the last
few decades, "arguably the greatest whistle-blower in American
history" according to  Placing principle and truth above
his career, he leaked what became know as the "Pentagon Papers,"
documents that clearly showed that every single US President involved with the
Vietnam war lied about US involvement.

Now, he's speaking out about the Bush administration's myths we hear about

He was interviewed by Dennis Bernstein for Flashpoints radio on
September 20, 2002.  Few other authoritative commentators have been able to
slice through the propaganda as clearly as Ellsberg.  The program runs for
55 minutes and it's time well spent.

You can listen to a Real Audio stream of the program by clicking on the
following:  Start
  Alternatively, you will find an MP3 file attached to the
following DC Indymedia web page (click
to pull that page up).  With the MP3, you can download the full copy of the
interview (burn CD-ROMs and give them to friends and family -- it's the kind of
interview that can change people).  


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