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Take Action to Support GW Dining Workers!

Please send this quick fax to help GWU Workers!
Help Aramark workers at GW achieve justice! Aramark management has been verbally abusive, unresponsive to unsafe and unhealthy work conditions, negligent in distributing tens of thousands of dollars in back pay and slow to provide mandatory raises.

Click on this link to send a letter to Aramark manager Jim Gillespie and GW President Steven Joel Trachtenberg:

What's At Stake!
Support GW Dining Workers!

The Food Service workers at the George Washington University are currently engaged in contract re-negotiations and grievance mediation. Aramark, the contracted foodservice provider at GW, has been flagrantly negligent in settling grievances. At this location alone there are more grievances filed than for all the other 8,000 members represented by the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 25 combined.

The workers are seeking to ensure basic human rights and dignity: the ability to be contacted by their family members in cases of emergency; to work in a safe and healthy environment; to not be verbally abused and dehumanized by their supervisors; to be allowed to change in a private secure location (hallways lined with lockers is an unacceptable and insulting substitute); and to have their pay and benefits secured and delivered.

In addition to fixing existing problems with management, the workers are seeking additional guarantees to ensure that these problems do not persist during their next contract. The vast majority of these workers have been at George Washington University long before Aramark's reign of terror began, and will be there long after Aramark has gone. These workers take pride in providing service to GW students, and maintain a relationship with them, not Aramark.

Aramark has been ruthless in their managing of these employees, attempting to instill compliance through fear and intimidation, rather than through a mutual respect for the workers. Now the workers need your help to win dignity and respect at the workplace.



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