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Richmond VA/Chesterfield County Tells Fascists To Get and Stay Out

Community tells fascists to piss off!
Richmond and Chesterfield County Says To Fascists: Get Out and Stay Out

“It’s like having a stray dog on your porch; it’s something that’s got to go,” L.J. McCoy, branch secretary of the Chesterfield NAACP in reference to The World Church of the Creator meeting in Chester, VA

“Hey World Church of the Creator guy, Hitler called and he wants his rotten ideas back!” -anonymous protestor

The day of Saturday September 21st was a cause for celebration for the Greater Richmond Area. It was on this day that between 300-400 residents of Chesterfield County,Richmond, and elsewhere succesfully served the neo-nazi World Church of the Creator an unwelcoming to be remembered. Church groups, jews, muslims and atheist scientists, wavers of black flags and American flags, hecklers and gospel singers, crazy punk kids and old white guys in suits joined forces to send a strong message to the World Church of the Creator and white supremacist groups in general: stay the fuck out of Chester.
In the begining of September the World Church of the Creator’s Virginia leader, Rev. John King, announced his plans to hold a recruiting meeting at the public library in Chester VA, just a ten minute drive from Richmond. As per ususal this neo-nazi ideologue laid down the familiar racist and anti-Semitic drivel in the press. He made appeals to the white population of Chesterfield County to come out to the library and join his organization. Instead he got a good amount of them yelling at his followers and pushing them around.
By far the Black community in Chesterfield and Richmond took the lead in this struggle, mobilizing church groups and poilitical organizations to hinder the WCOTC’s organizing efforts in Chesterfield County. Not only did the Black community point the finger at the weirdo WCOTC racists but also racists of the homegrown variety. Many Black community leaders expressed that the Chesterfield County government put out a welcome mat for white supremacist groups when it instituted Confederate History Month.
The Better Days Collective spent the day heckling neo-nazis, chatting up with other folks in the community, and handing out flyers about the Balitmore antiracist 28.
It doesn’t look like the World Church of the Creator will be coming back to our neck of the woods anytime soon.
For pictures and news stories about the day’s awe inspiring events please check out

-The Better Days Collective
A Member of the Alliance for Freedom and Direct Democracy betterdaysrva (at)
PO Box 5021 Richmond VA 23220



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