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A Convergence of activists of all ages and backgrounds from around the country to learn more about issues/campaigns and to mobilize to protect the natural rights of Humanity and the Earth.
**Foward Widely**

Hey Folks,

The Green Planet Damn It! Festival is coming up really soon so pack your bags and start a carpool and we'll see you in two weeks!


YOU and hundreds of other activists from around the country


The Festival brings togehter activists from around the country to celebrate wilderness and wildness and to protect the natural rights of humanity and the Earth. The three day event consists of workshops, panels, trainings, a radical film festival, live music(i.e. Bonfire Madigan), spiral dancing, Earth healing songs(its new to me too), over 10 organizations (i.e. Greenpeace, Earth First!, Rainforest Action Networks . . .), Vegan Food, regional meetings, and speakers like Julia Butterfly Hill and Lou Gold.

Issues Covered:

Endangered Forests(Markets campaigns, Ecology, Forest Fires, Recycling etc.), Global Warming(Save the Ales, Alternative Energy, Markets Campaigns etc.), GMO's, Wilderness Restoration, Campus Organizing and Networking, Direct Action, Anti-War, Animal Rights, Alternative Culture/lifestyle, Feminist Issues, Skills trainings(leadership development, Working with the Media, Working or Not working with the authorities, Fundraising etc.)

WHERE?: Grinnell College, Grinnell Iowa(Hey, its a cool state okay)

WHEN?: October 4th - 6th

HOW?: Contact Sequoia Woodmist at NAGAMATS (at) GRINNELL.EDU for more info or for a packet. Registration is $22.00 but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Free Housing(i.e a floor or couch to crash on) is available.

Most of you have known about this for a while and are coming and some of you may be getting info about this festival for the first time, which doesn't give you all that much preparation. Either way I hope you can make it and hopefully I'll see you in October!

For The Trees,




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