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Censorship of the zine "The Match" at libraries!

The zine "The Match" has been censored out of all libraries!
The zine "The Match" wich tells of police abuses and other government criminal acts has been banned from every library in the U.S. It's one of the best written and beautiful zines out there, but the bureaucrats at the library have decided they don't think we should read it - for our own good, of course. They know better what is good for us, because they are the self-appointed, bootlicking State, Big Daddy, lovers. They are the chosen ones and we are the sheeples.

The government owns 70% of the land in the U.S. - land that we can't go on, only the new aristocrats can go there and shoot at us and boss us around and intimidate us and harass us for being there. They want us all in cities, fighiting each other - instead of them.

Free Martha Stewart and jail Hilary Clinton.



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