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9-19 grade school kids shot for protesting

idf fires on protesters. 9 yo killed (article 3)

Friday, September 20, 2002 Tishrei 14, 5763 Israel Time: 08:26 (GMT+3)

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IDF kills 9-year-old in El Bireh

Army demolishes two terrorists' homes in Abu Dis

By Arnon Reguler

Nine-year-old Abdel Salam Sumerin was killed yesterday when Israel Defense Forces troops used live fire to disperse a crowd of school children challenging the army's attempt to impose a curfew on the El Amari refugee camp, in El Bireh.

In a separate, similar incident, a Palestinian girl was wounded in Kafr Usserin near Nablus after residents who have been under curfew for nearly two months confronted soldiers. The center of Nablus has been under absolute curfew for the last eleven days.

In Jenin, a full curfew was re-imposed on the city and the nearby refugee camp after the army uncovered a large explosive device in the city, while in Tul Karm and its surrounding villages, the existing curfew was tightened.

Later in the day, shortly after the Tel Aviv suicide bombing in the afternoon, the army reimposed curfews on all the Palestinian cities in the West Bank, except for Hebron.

Meanwhile, the army yesterday demolished the homes of the two Abu Dis terrorists involved in last December's double suicide bombings in Jerusalem's Zion Square and the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall.

Eleven people died and 180 were wounded in two bombings and a car bombing that took place within minutes of each other.

Under cover of large numbers of troops and a helicopter, engineering corps troops blew up Nabil Halbiyeh's three-story house and then bulldozers tore down Osama Bakhar's house in the old part of the village southeast of Jerusalem.

Residents and relatives in the village said that the early morning demolition was a collective punishment in response to the murder of David Buhbut, a Ma'aleh Adumim resident killed on Tuesday in nearby Azzariyeh, about two kilometers away.

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