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Lawyers Ask: Are we living in a police state yet?

Reviews history and the current degree to which America has become a police state. This is a TUC Radio production and the links to the program are found herein.

Are we living in a police state yet?

The show details freedoms lost since September 11 (extensive list, presented as a timeline) and details what may come in the future, including the nightmare executive orders that would empower FEMA.

From the Patriot Act to Executive Orders that can be issued by the president and are not subject to review by Congress this two part program reviews the steps taken to limit freedom of speech and legal protection.

Who knows that there are already in place Executive Orders allowing the government to seize and control the communications media, food resources and farms as well as all health and educational institutions?

TUC Radio put together a program featuring Attorneys Hormachea, Van Der Hout with Lynne Stewart. It was recorded on 7/11/2002. There are two MP3 files you can listen to here:

You can listen to the show as a stream or download the files (burn them to CD-Rom and give them to friends less computer savvy).



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