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Urbana-IMC has been taken over by pro Israeli propagandists

An issue needs to be addressed is the fact that this Indy-media site has been taken over by pro Israeli propagandists that are censoring all stories that point-out the homicidal ethnic cleansing that is going on against the Palestinian people.
As we speak the criminal run Israeli regime is committing many crimes against humanity every day. Like the school the Zionist terrorists bombed today that was censored here by the Israeli propagandists that is operated out of Urbana-IMC no news is allowed that reflects bad on the CRIMINAL state of Israel. This fact has been talked about around the imc network and Urbana-imc is known of as an Israeli propaganda site by thousands of imc readers.
The pro Israeli propaganda that is allowed to be published at this site is disgusting and is well known and has generated thousands of complaints at IMC THE REPUTATION OF THIS UBANA SITE IS GARBAGE, BECAUSE OF THE ISRALI PROPOGANDISTS THAT RUN IT.



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