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Journalistic "Ethics" Narrowly Defined

Bob Greene was asked by the Chicago Tribune Co. to resign. OK, well and good. But what about the serious breaches of "journalistic ethics" committed by those on WGN and other corporate media outlets that show only one sided provocative images over and over? Below is my message to WGN News.
On the WGN News at noon, an ethicist went on about how the Tribune Company was correct to ask for Bob Greene's resignation. Probably so.

But why is it ok for broadcast news to constantly run stock footage of the Iraqi leader Hussein with shotgun in hand or meeting with advisors, but never show children dying as a result of US-UN sanctions? Civilian damage caused by bombings? Isn't this a breach of journalistic ethics?

One would assume that Greene's paramour is still alive, but those Iraqi kids are dead. Dead.



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