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Guantanamo Bay prisoners 'could remain [there]... for two decades'

AFP via ProletarianNews 7:44pm Thu Sep 12 '02 (Modified on 7:59am Fri Sep 13 '02)

AFP. 13 September 2002. Detainees at US base could be held for years: military official.
GUANTANAMO BAY MILITARY BASE -- Hundreds of detainees in the US-led war on terror could remain for years at a US military base -- where they are being held without trial -- a military commander said.

Navy Captain Bob Beuhn, commander of the Guantanamo Bay military base where 598 suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban members are incarcerated, would not rule out the detainees could remain at the US outpost for two decades [!!].

"We are definitely talking years, I'd be astonished if anyone challenged that," he said.

He said a proposed three-year budget for the base included provision for a continuation of the detention operations.

"We are taking the approach that the mission as you see it will be there then," he told reporters at the navy base, a US enclave in southeastern Cuba.

He also said that a 20-year plan for the base, which is yet to be presented, does not currently address the issue of detainees, but added: "I would do it just to be on the safe side."

The suspects held at Camp Delta, a highly guarded detention center within the US outpost, have not been told how long they would remain in US custody, nor have they been charged or allowed contact with lawyers.

Since the first detainees arrived in January, four have attempted to hang themselves. add your own comments

More Americans Need to Speak Out (english)
J.D. Hayworth 7:59pm Thu Sep 12 '02

It is wrong and it is criminal to do what our government is doing in our name. This government has brought a lot of shame to our nation and our flag.

Haliburton (english)
uberswank 7:59am Fri Sep 13 '02

And just who is helping build and maintain those cells?? Why it's Brown and Root, a division of Haliburton, at a cost of $7 million.



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