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9-11 - The Implications of the Aryan Race in the US

Understanding the Aryan Race as it Relates to 9-11
9-11 directly relates to the arrival of the Aryan race behind the scenes in the subculture of America, as has been prophesized© The direct tie in can be found in the book, Time & The Technosphere by Jose Arguelles, Ph D© It began with the conversion that happened back in 3000 BC when the Aryans or tall 'White Gods' coming from the sea, ¥according to David Icke in the Biggest Secret¤ gave the Sumerians the technology of the clock as a gift after a flood© The technology according to Dr© Arguelles changed our planetary ratio of time from the natural 13:20 based system into the 12:60 based system©
"Therefore it was at this point at the beginning of history that artificial time and its progeny, mechanization were actually registered as a thought form and thus became embedded in the yet unconscious noosphere, " he said©
"Living in ignorance of the Law of Time ¥referring to the 13:20 system, based on the 13 month calendar that ties in with the lunar cycle¤ and of the true nature of time, the human species constructed its own concept of time which is based on the clock with its 60-minute hour and the Gregorian calendar with its maddening array of uneven months© ® If the artificial mechanistic and irregularly measured time sets the human race apart from true an natural time, does this not also establish that the human race is living in error with time?"
Therefore I believe that based on my research that 9-11, the One World Order ¥facism? In the US¤ is directly related to the foreign introduction of technology not based on our planetary nature© The tall 'White Gods' Icke refers to as reptilians, aka by US Military as Mintokans, have constructed facism, idolization of the "White Race" as a way to destroy our planetary environment, cause global warming, and escalate a foreign technosphere to create chaos like 9-11 similar to the apocalyptic predictions© IT IS UP TO YOU TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM AND RETUN THE PLANET TO ITS NATURAL STATE IN PEACE©



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