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Labor Unions Today Are Really A Branch of the Federal Government....

From the book "Talking To Myself" by Leonard E. Read.
From the book "Talking To Myself" by Leonard E. Read.

"As with all cartels, the labor union today is really a branch of the federal government, for its many special privileges are governmental grants, that is, they are power grants, the privilege to act coercively."

"This coercive tactic - the strike - rather than economic reasoning, is the language they use to persuade."

"The perfect prey for union exploitation are those occupations on which we the people, have become dependent or to which we have become addicted: electricians, carpenters, plumbers, garbage collectors, trainmen, teachers, truck drivers, telephone operators, airline pilots, the list is very long. But note that little effort is made to organize laborers whose occupations are not highly institutionalized and spark no great emotional surge among consumers: libertarian writers and speakers, portrait painters, poets and essayists, housewives, the numbers are at least three times as long as the number in the unionized list."



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