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W. stands for Working Families ? [LaborDay 2002]

W. stands for Working Families ? [LaborDay 2002]
W. stands for Working Families ? [LaborDay 2002]

During the presidential campaign of 2000,
then presidential candidate George Bush, at a republican
event, made a statement that "John Sweeney
simply shall not be allowed to beg for forgiveness".
Vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney stated,
"Payback time will be coming VERY SOON...BIG TIME !"

We have seen what this means: Enron, WorldCom, Tyco,
the Airline bankruptcies, billions in relief and tax breaks to CEO's
while working families starve in the streets.

This year, the Chicago Federation of Labor will be hosting
a Labor Day Event at Chicago's Navy Pier.
This week's promotion on and
is the CFL's page about the Navy Pier event.

This year, AFL-CIO president, John Sweeney will
be a guest speaker at the event.
YOU have the responsibility of showing up at the event
in support of John Sweeney to deliver a message to
George W. Bush that is time to TURN THE TABLES AROUND !

YOU have the responsibility to show the nation
that America's Working Families have decided
that it is George W. Bush who will NOT BE ALLOWED

Labor Day 2002: Solidarity for Working Families !

In Solidarity,

P.S.-Please forward this to at least 25 friends and ask them
to do the same !



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