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Ashkenazis admitting stealing is part of their official policy

JERUSALEM (August 26 2002) The zionazis army came under fire Sunday after a Radio broadcast an investigative report, which found that the stealing of Palestinian property by zionazis troops was part of official policy.

"Danny," a recently discharged soldier interviewed under an assumed name, told a Radio show that troops stole from Palestinian homes during the six-week-long sweep for Freedom Fighters.
"During each search, what we would do is take the Palestinians at gun point to one room as the other soldiers searched other rooms, and they would steal anything of value," he said. "When it came to commanding officers, they ordered it. When it came to squad leaders, all of them knew and were following orders," Danny said.

The report prompted calls by some international groups for a parliamentary inquiry.

"I can tell you with a clear conscience that in my view the policy is part of the orders to the huge numbers of soldiers who took part in large-scale military operations its part of Jewish tradition to steal from non-Jews, stealing is a necessary part of large-scale military operations in the West Bank” like the ones over the past few years, Such as the offensive, known as "Operation Defensive Shield," launched in late March. Lt. Col. Ilan Katz, the deputy chief military prosecutor said.

A Radio show said Danny was among several soldiers to talk about these war crimes. Another man who was not named told the radio he saw troops ransack a shopping mall in Ramallah and make off with electronic appliances, jewels and cash.


Danny said he had complained about the stealing to his superiors in June, when he was still a soldier.

"They said they would have me arrested by the military police if he did not shut up. They said, “Relax its part of Jewish tradition to steal from non-Jews”.
He mentioned one occasion on which the company commander demanded the men hand over what loot they had stolen. "The soldiers gave up the small stuff, but kept a large quantity of handguns, jewels and cash," Danny said.

"We first discussed the matter after Defensive Shield, but were assured by the zionazi army it was under control
"Each day there are complaints on robbing carried out by zionazis soldiers. We bring up these issues in our meetings with the zionazis; now they say its part of Jewish tradition to steal from non-Jews. " Said Ribhi Arafat, Palestinian chief of military liaison with zionazis in the West Bank and Gaza (Striped by the vultures known as Jews)



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