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Jewish Operated Child Porn/Murder Ring Busted in Thailand

Phuket Thailand- (AUGUST-16-2002)-- Thai police, discovered a production studio operated by Australian Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the making of Child Rape Porn and Ritual Murder movies.
Four Thai and ten Australian Jews have been arrested, after Thai police discovered they had been kidnapping Thai children between the ages of Three and nine years old from the country side in Thailand, torturing, raping the children, and then murdering them in ritualistic sacrificial scenes, the studio used all digital equipment. Six of the Australians are Rabbis. The all Jewish customers, including 2500 Australian, 45,000 in Israel, and unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $1,500.00 for one hour digital movie file down loaded off the internet of the ritual rape and murder of little children.
All of the scenes on the movies are too horrific to describe, participants acting out various ritualistic torture, rape and sacrificial murder scenes, some involving the crucifixion of the children, all involved an alter shaped as the Star of David, Rabbis giving some kind of satanic ritual rites the draining of blood from the children and the use of their blood in the rituals performed, removal of children’s vital organs while they where alive. Israeli officials via the agency MOSSAD are paying Thai officials to cover up the story.
Also a linked Jewish Gangster Cartel in Russia have become increasingly linked to traffic in "white slaves" for ritual sacrifices where white victims bring a premium price through out Israel, according to a recent report in the Jerusalem Post. Israel officials ignore the existence sex slaves and ritual murder, and does not punish Israeli citizens who choose to own "sex slaves", as long as the slaves are foreign and non-Jews.



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