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National Union of Security Professionals (NUSP) Organizers Openly Admit they are Really
Union - Busters Financed by the SEIU, AFL-CIO

Labor Note News Release 2002

(article 1)

Warren, MI - August 23, 2002 - The National Union Security Professionals (NUSP) a phony upstart security officers union invented by the Prewitt Organizing Fund a labor consulting firm from Washington, DC openly admitted to more then 75 GM/Delphi Pinkerton Security officers from three states, that they were being financed by (SEIU) Service Employees International Union AFL-CIO.

Rick Matthews a Prewitt Organizing Fund lead organizer admitted when asked by the group of Pinkerton officers who were pressuring Matthews to reveal the real source behind the financing of this union busting campaign against Pinkerton Officers he admitted, it was the "SEIU"

Mathews continued to tell the officers that Prewitt Organizing Fund president, Duane Stillwell had invented the National Union of Security Officers ( NUSP )as a front for the SEIU, AFL-CIO in their attempt to steal members from the International Union of Security, Police and Fire Professionals Union (SPFPA) who presently represents these Pinkerton officers under a National collective bargaining agreement in three states.

Mathews explained, because the SEIU, AFL-CIO were prohibited by labor law under section 9 (b) (3) of the National Labor Relations Act from being certified as representatives of security officers because they admit into their membership non - guard members "janitors", the SEIU could only file an election by using a phoney front organization created by the Prewitt Organizing Fund ( NUSP ).then later once certified NUSP would affiliate with SEIU.

Joe Martin another Prewitt Organizing Fund / NUSP organizer had admitted at a early meeting that the SEIU's involvement in the Pinkerton union busting drive stemmed from SPFPA's organizing drive of 425 officers in Seattle Washington. On August 15, 2002, the National Labor Relations Board had issued a formal complaint against the SEIU documented under case numbers 19-CP-526 and 19-CB-8856 that on June 29th 2002, the SEIU local 24/7, by Michael Baratz, had threatened a Seattle security employer Northwest Protective Service, inc. with picketing if Northwest did not withdraw its recognition of SPFPA. The SEIU had engaged in the threat under circumstances where SEIU did not represent the unit and could not lawfully raise a question concerning representation or a valid petition being filed within a reasonable period of time from the threat.

The International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) have represented security professionals for over 50 years and is the largest and most experienced International Union specializing in Security in the world today.
Visit their Website at SPFPA.ORG



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