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WTO Resistance Group Announces Plan to END Corporate Abuses of the Internet

The WTO Resistance Group announced today that they have embarked on an International Effort to END the Corporate Abuses of the Internet, and STOP Governmental Internat Spying by creating an alternative to the Standard Internet.
It is obvious to even the most casual observer that the Internet has been over-run by advertisers and large corporations. Pop-Up Ads now appear almost constantly, and any search on a Major search Engine results in thousands of advertisement pages, with very little real content.

It has also come to the public's attention that everything we say or do online is being recorded, filed into databased, and sold to anybody who has an interest in our private affairs. These abuses by the large corporations and Governmental Agencies threaten to totally drown-out the Alternative Web-Sites, and Invade our Privacy on a scale never seen before.

To counter this threat, the WTO Resistance Group has developed and begun implementing a plan to build an alternative to the standard Internet. Their plan has the stated goal of creating a network that is:
1. Totally free of unsolicited advertising
2. Totally free from Spying, Tracking, or Monitoring
3. Open and Accessible from anywhere in the World
4. Populated with every concievable type of useful and interesting content

They have publishe the details of their plan on the WTORG Web-Site, and are inviting all interested parties, groups and individuals to join them in this cause.

The web address is:



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