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Valid Government Issues Only Guidelines - Not Inflexible Laws.

From the book "The Origin of Social Dysfunction" by Everett Allie.
From the book "The Origin of Social Dysfunction" by Everett Allie.

Ask your librarian why this book isn't on the front shelves.

"Any valid government would have to result as an objectively reasoned choice by the people. Even then, the government would have to issue only guidelines, not inflexible laws."

"The decline in human quality in the U.S.moves in lock step with government growth and the stripping away of personal freedoms and personal responsibility."

"Intelligent life will naturally resist laws and rules, to some degree. This is why the law or rules must exhibit a net and recognized validity, and be continuously open to reexamination and modification."

"Governments remain a fundamental source of humanity's growing problems."

"Government in the U.S. increasingly operates for its own benefit and to the detriment of the society."

"Law is government from the muzzle of a gun."

"Virtually any problem, examined in depth, will be seen to have, at its roots, the work of the deadly duo, religion and government."

"Virtually every problem that confronts humanity today issues from authoritarian systems and institutionald thinking."



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