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From a Friend in Jenin

I have been receiving these reports from a friend of mine in the occupied teritories
From A Friend in Jenin


Now staying in Jenin refugee camp. Worse than anything Ive seen before in

Yestrday was at hospital when body of 13 yr old boy brought in. His name was Muhammed Amin Ali Odi, the eldest of 6 children, from village of Burkeen, near Jenin. He was shot through the fore head from tank in the morning. Israelis refused to let ambulance fron Jenin into village to collect him, so he had to be driven in car along back roads, but he didnt survive.

Nothing can prepare you for seeing what was a living , breathing child a few hours ago lying dead on a stretcher. I just cant find any words to descrbe it.

Am staying in house in the camp which is marked for destruction by the army. The family consists of a the elderly father and mother, a daughter and the pregnant wife of a son who is on the armys wanted list. They arrested the father(72) yrs old last week, said they would destroy house and kill his son when they caught him, unless son gave himself up within week.

The house has no wall on one side...was destroyed by apache helicopter fire a while ago.But family defiant, continue to use half destroyed rooms. Even yesterday when tanks in camp firing indiscriminately, continued to sit and chat with us in room without wall.

So much to tell about whats happening here but not enough time, grateful as always if you can pass this info on




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