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Protest the Air and Water Show Tomorrow!!!!!

Banners decrying the Air Show as a military recruitment tool went up today, and hundreds off leaflets were passed out as the jets screamed overhead.
Demonstrators were out at the Air Show today to warn unsuspecting Americans of the dangers of joining the military.

Some of the main points highlighted in the handouts are:

- Military veterans constitute on the the largest categories of the unemployed.
- Applicants do not necessarily get the job they want in the military.
- The Military will receive 50% of your income tax in 2003.
- The fighting machines of all branches of the military have one purpose: to kill people and destroy property.

As the Stealth Bomber zoomed overhead, a cheer went up from the beach, but I imagine most people are terrified when they see the Stealth coming . . . to bomb the shit out of them.

Please come down tomorrow and add your voice to the protest, located on the lakefront two blocks north of North Ave., by the bridge that joins the park to the beach.



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