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Mayor Daley and Schaumburg coverup Kidnaping, Rape and Murder

The detective division to internal affairs to the high command of the Schaumburg Police Dept. is dirty and has been for nearly 20 yrs.

From 10/83 to 4/85 I was blatantly framed by over zealous
veteran police officers from Schaumburg in connection to a series of unsolved sexual assaults and Murders in the suburbs.

I.d wage a kings ransom Mayor Daley and the Schaumburg Police allowed a low life to brutally Rape and knife to death a little pretty and popular Glen Ellyn Girl. [7/20/85]
[I,ve long since cleared, eliminated myself in her death
with forensics]

This ongoing true story spans nearly 20 yrs. and is real
life " The ShawShank Redemption "

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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