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The universal victory of capitalism over each individual and society as a whole, no individual or society has escaped from this total victory of capitalism over humanity at the beginning of the 21st Century. But this victory is short lived; it is it’s last breath.
Why will capitalism end and anarchy begins – because capitalism is anti-human and anarchy is pro-human.
Capitalism is killing the people and the planet, therefore kill capitalism.
The sooner we kill capitalism or it dies on its own, the quicker the planet can be saved and less people will be killed and much less misery.
Total anarcho-social transformation, complete transformation of capitalist social relation into anarcho-social relation and the dismantling of capital, the state and their hegemony. Capitalism is the opposite of anarchism and vice-verse.



Who cares: Capitalism is Anti Humanity.
Anarchism: Is Pro Humanity

Your help comes with a condition and the condition is that your help goes to the progressive forces of history and not to be used by the reactionary ones.
Waiting for humanity to get out from its total and semi total alienation.
Acting to shorten the time of waiting i.e., to accelerate the process of disalination.
To assist the people to liberate from their alienation and the causes that created it in the first place.
By giving them the necessary means for their self-determination and freedom from the yolk of capitalism, modern slavery and oppression.
Some get what they deserve; others do not deserve what they get. The difference is essential for the understanding of where we are all marching towards oblivion or paradise.
Take it or leave it, if you don’t like what you see here, get the fuck out, this is the ultimate choice, you are either with and for humanity or against it, take your stand.
No more fear and poverty and suffering, no more discrimination and alienation, it is becoming ready. The conditions are ripe, the human situation is demanding that change occurs now and here and immediately.
Together, we the people of the world will be the masters of our destinies.
Capitalism cannot last forever, its years are few, it exist on mass misery and exploitation and it is always the time to change all this unnecessary Mayhem against humanity.
The destruction of capitalism is essential for the survival of humanity (the human race).
But how do you destroy capitalist social relations that have existed more than 6000 years.
The alternative to capitalist relations is anarchic social relations.
The former is subconscious, the later is fully conscious.
Replacement of the unconscious social capitalist relations with a conscious anarchic social relations.
Revolutionary consciousness is the force behind the transformation of social relations.
Capitalist social relations = money + power.
Anarchist social relations = freedom + equality.



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