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Dallas Animal Rights Protest

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Dallas Regional Protest: Blow the whistle on Vivisection!

It is more important now than ever to convey to Marsh that we will not allow them to continue to insure Huntingdon Life Sciences, a reprehensible and appalling animal testing lab that has been caught in five separate undercover investigations employing hazardous business practices, not to mention the fact that they kill 500 animals each day and torture countless more for money. Now Marsh is suing us and trying to have us jailed in an attempt to discourage us from caring about the lives and freedom of animals. Come to Dallas on the weekend of August 30th to show them that we are not motivated by cash, but by compassion! These will be musical protests. Instruments, drums, pots, pans, megaphones, whistles, kazoos, noise-makers, stereos, radical cheerleaders, black bloc marching bands, anti-vivisection dance teams, street performers, and anything else loud, obnoxious, and wildly entertaining is highly encouraged.


Friday August 30:

3:00 Meet at the downtown Marsh office to protest their involvement in cruel and useless animal testing. 1601 Elm St. in front of Thanksgiving Tower.
4:00 Take our message to the streets in a march through downtown. We do not have a permit, so we will have to stay on sidewalks.
8:00 Workshops in the park. Flagpole Hill at Northwest Highway and Buckner.
A series of late night home demos will be planned by small groups.

Saturday August 31:

6:00 Morning wake-up visit to the home of a Marsh employee. Location TBA.
9:00 Meet at Harry Moss park at Greenville and Royal to kick off a whole day of home demos.
1:00 Vegan buffet lunch at Suma Veggie café at 500 E Arapaho.
4:00 Special HLS demo. Location TBA.
8:00 Socialization/Anti-socialization time at Tee Pee hill on White Rock lake at 3240 W Lawther.

Sunday September 1:

Day of actions at offices and homes. TBA.



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