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Islam is a political manifesto of terrorism masquerading as religion.

Virtually every Islamic nation is ruled with an iron fist because their Islamic populations behave like rabid dogs.

Islam is a filthy, vile, vicious, cancerous, political manifesto of terrorism masquerading as religion, with its tenets clearly written in the blood of its victims. It is political cancer metastasizing into an anti-western genocidal cult. Its adherents are the most simpleminded of nationals cheering the murder of innocent civilians. Islam, like its communist neighbor, is attempting to destroy all western thought in favor of intolerance, mass murder and mass conformity. Islam is a direct attack on the individualism and freedom of thought that helped create the western world. If Islam is permitted its cancerous spread, the world will enter another dark age of bigotry, intolerance, and the genocidal rage of madmen masquerading as religious leaders.

If Israel is any test case, Islam has proven its political ideology is one of hate, intolerance and genocidal rage. Virtually every Islamic nation is ruled with an iron fist because their Islamic populations behave like rabid dogs. Islam has proven itself incompatible with civilized western values, and should be treated as a political manifesto of terrorism.

Spare me the body count of other religions: I haven't seen Catholics, Protestants, Jews, or any other religion take such pleasure in murdering innocents in my lifetime. The past is the past, and islam's murderous ideology seems to currently command somewhat of a popular monopoly in the "Joy of Killing" westerners, and, being a westerner, I'm quite prepared to return the favor a thousand fold.

For westerners, the destruction of islam is a matter of survival. Unfortunately, too many religious individuals have been fooled into granting islam that which it does not deserve: survival. I've seen images of the followers of islam jumping, clapping, and cheering in a euphoric murderous orgy of twisted joy when some of islam's storm troopers killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Since I'm personally unencumbered by any religious baggage, I clearly see islam for the political manifesto of terrorism that it is, and that its followers are as deserving of the fate that their terrorists so willingly bestow upon others. Islam has earned its place in history with the bombing of the world trade center; now, we just need to secure its final resting place in the trash bin of history.



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