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The Wife is the True Scab.

From Emma Goldman's book "Anarchism"
From the book "Anarchism" by Emma Goldman:

"The American suffrage movement has been a parlor affair, absolutely detached from the economic needs of the people."

jHavelock Ellis: "The wife who married for money, compared with the prostitute is the true scab. She is paid less, gives much more in return in labor and care, and is bound to her master. The prostitute never signs away the rights over her own person, she retaines her freedom and personal rights, nor is she always compelled to submit to man's embrace."

"Woman, essentially a purist, is naturally bigoted and relentless in their effort to make others as good, as she thinks they ought to be."

"Puritanism of woman, instead of elevating woman, has made her a political spy, a contempitible spy into the private affairs of people, not so much for the good of the cause, but because they like to get into houses they have never been in, and find out all they can, politically and otherwise. Yes, and into the human soul, and its minutest nooks and corners. For nothing satisfies the craving of most women so much as scandal."



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