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Whole Foods Employees congratulated by the Worker Collective at Mifflin Co-op

Whole Foods Employees congratulated by the Worker Collective at Mifflin Co-op
Mifflin workers less pleased by anti-union management

The following statement from the Mifflin worker collective does not necessarily represent the business, the membership, or the board of directors.
On July 12, 2002, the employees of Mifflin Co-op celebrated the long anticipated news that their fellow natural food laborers at Whole Foods had voted for union representation. The workers at Mifflin, who have managed their workplace collectively for more than 30 years, have long been troubled by the lack of control their peers at Whole Foods have had over their labor conditions. Mifflin workers share the same enthusiasm to heal the world?s food system through their job as Whole Foods Workers. The co-op staff maintains that people can not use their job as an agent of social and ecological transformation until they obtain a working environment featuring worker input and dignity. The co-op staff express dismay that the management of Whole Foods is continuing its campaign to keep its labor unorganized. Whole Foods Market representatives are still issuing anti-union statements and are now contesting the pro-union vote with little case on their side. Before the vote, Whole Foods president, John Makey came to Madison to tell his employees to not unionize during a three hour, mandatory, all store, meeting. Makey is infamous for his offhand anti-labor comments. The corporation also ran an anti-union website leading up to the vote. The staff at Mifflin Co-op hope that the Whole Foods Corporation will start welcoming their employees desire for true input into the management of the store. If Whole Foods continues its anti-labor campaign, the socially conscious consumers who shop there may chose to spend their grocery dollars elsewhere.



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