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Police officer Patrick Hamill is a dirty rotten scoundrel

In the fall of 1983, 3 veteran Schaumburg police officers
outrageously framed me in connection to a series of sex assaults and murders.

Schaumburg Ill. police officer Patrick Hamill jr. and at
least 2 other officers used an array of dirty tricks and
scare tactics in a lineup to entice a lady to make an eyewitness I.D.

It cost me 5 mos. hard time in the Cook County Jail.
[little Vietnam]
The Schaumburg Police owe me $10,ooo.oo for the time I was in jail.

The Schaumburg police are also involved in the coverup of
several Sex Murders.

The Schaumburg Ill. Police are " Gun Shy "

Sincerely, Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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