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Scientifically Corrupt EPA.

From the book "The Death of Humane Medicine and the Rise of Coercive Healthism" by Petr Skrabanek 1994.
:every man should be a law unto himself."

"Woman, whether seen as a vessel of the devil or a carrier of disease, evokes fear in men, who in turn try to subjugate her and tame her." FUCK OFF, ASSHOLE!

"...40-60% reduction in coronary heart disease in drinkers of up to 40-60 drinks a week..(maybe 4-6?).

...."pleasures carry risks, but it is equally true that where there is no risk there is no fun."

"Nazi Germany anti-smoking crusade....forbade his pilots to smoke in public."

"described medicine as a mjaor institution of social control. As social control is of great importance to the state, the state is keen to establish an amicable relationship with the medical profession and use their expertise for economioc and political aims."



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