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Police coverup Rape and Murder of Glen Ellyn girl

High level conspiricy in Cook County mainly Schaumburg ...
.... false imprisonment,kidnaping,Deviate sexual asssualt,
Rape and Murder of a little Glen Ellyn ill. girl.

I,am Willis Earl Wilson. I,am a healthy and husky 200
pounder,swing a big sledge hammer, all american boy.

My ambition is to remove a psychopath from society,solve
some past homocides spanning 20 yrs. [1985 unsolved Murder of a little pretty and popular Glen ellyn girl] expose bad
Schaumburg Police officers,corrupt prosecutor Richard Daley
Get much deserved justice and maybe reward money,write a book,make a movie.

Ther is probably an Illinois grand jury investigation as
I write this letter.

I,ve tried to sue,lure and drag the Schaumburg Police
back into court for 16 yrs. " Sue the Bastartds Blind "

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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