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CBS News Knows The Truth

Now that the Bush regime has resumed it’s trajectory of going down in a big fat ball of flames
CBS News Knows The Truth

By Lloyd Hart

Now that the Bush regime has resumed it’s trajectory of going down in a big fat ball of flames, what will they do next? Considering Bush and the boys turned a conscious blind eye to the attacks of 9/11 and ordered the Air Guard to stand down, a fact that is now believed to be true by the majority of brass at CBS News according to a confidential source within that news agency. According to this source "They knew (Bush and Cheney) and did nothing to stop them and in fact may have ordered the Air Guard to stand down."

So, will they let off a suite case Nuke in New York City and blame Osama as an excuse to role the tanks into the streets to avoid going to jail for Ethnically Cleansing the Voter lists as well as for Enron and Haliburton scams. Or will they simply invade Iraq and declare Marshal Law because they say they have evidence that Iraq has sleeper cells in America. Hell, they could even set off a small pox epidemic and get the same results. Or will they choose Nixon’s route, realize they are being cornered and arrange a pardon from one of their lackey’s that ends up ascending to the thrown from the House of representatives.

What ever they choose to do, the fact remains that the left wing in America is to blame for whatever happens and what has happened because we let Nixon, Reagan, Bush and many other assorted criminals off the hook for the crimes they committed just because a few very scary Military officers draw a line in the sand.

I am one left wing guy who has had enough of this crap. Its impeachment time and not just for Bush and Cheney but for the filthy five Supreme Court Justices as well, for their role in fixing the election. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and any other officers involved must also go for their role in 9/11. I know for a fact that there are good people in the Military, the Intelligence Community and throughout the government that know what is really going on and are capable of making a move against these crooks that have stolen our government. I am calling on those folks within our government to make that move now and breath life back into our dead Constitution.

How can we possibly survive this politic that has come over this land without removing from power these cynical men and women that believe they own the right to rule as the Monarch’s my family fled in 1620 to come to this great and wondrous land.

I beg of you, it is time to risk all to take back of our stolen liberty.



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