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New documentary film shorts chronicle Israel’s war on Palestinian people

For months, Indymedia filmmaker Kevin Skvorak has been in Palestine gathering footage of Israeli repression and violence against the Palestinian people. Join Kevin and Chicago Indymedia this Wednesday, July 24 at 7PM at New World Resource Center, 2600 W. Fullerton (at Rockwell) for the local premier of three documentary shorts shot in Jenin, Ramallah and throughout Palestine.
New documentary film shorts chronicle Israel’s war on Palestinian people

Join Chicago Indymedia this Wednesday for the local premier of three new Indymedia documentary shorts from Palestine, along with a discussion with Indymedia filmmaker Kevin Skvorak.

Wednesday, July 24, 7PM
New World Resource Center
2600 W. Fullerton Ave. (at Rockwell)

Suggested donation is $5. All proceeds benefit IMC Palestine and Indymedia. No-one will be turned away.

Mainstream media coverage of Palestine is scant, shallow, and typically one-sided. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the conflict -- without the usual media manipulation and mainstream corporate 'spin'. The exclusive footage, shot by filmmaker Kevin Skvorak, provides on-the-ground coverage from Jenin, Ramallah and across Palestine.

Kevin’s first short was filmed in the Jenin refugee camp two full days before the Israeli pull-back and 'reopening' of the city. At the time, the bulk of the corporate press remained barred from the camp -- and the Israeli military had not yet fully sanitized what Palestinians and human rights workers have called extensive human rights abuses. The second short looks at the recent work of the International Solidarity Movement, the global network of activists that have come to Palestine and Israel to witness for human rights. The third short was shot from Yasser Arafat's compound during the Israeli military's spring siege of the compound.

For months, grassroots projects and independent filmmakers – including Indymedia members – have been in Palestine gathering documentary footage of Israeli repression and violence that the Palestinian people have endured in the most recent escalation of Israeli attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

While U.S. corporate media coverage of the conflict in Palestine is typically distorted, shallow and biased, there is an answer – radical grassroots reporting. Some of the first Indymedia activists to hit the ground in Palestine this spring – during some of the fiercest fighting and most brutal Israeli repression -- are now returning to the States with their footage, stories and reports.

Don't miss this opportunity to view the work of Indymedia filmmaker Kevin Skvorak -- work which tackles the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East -- and learn more about events on the ground from Kevin and others who shot the footage and edited the tape.



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