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Caplalism - only system that does not use force

Caplitalism is the only system in the history of mankind that does not use force. (PLEASE NOTE: the CIMC evening newswire editor declined to delete this rightwing spam because that would have killed the comments -- which are much better...)
Capitalism is the only system in the history of mankind that does not use force. What other system can say this? So who is trying to destroy this cooperative system? The very ones that dont know how to use cooperation to get what they want. They are the ones that form groups, get others with brute force to get what they want, through the government use of force or church force, whatever works, except the use of the human brain and reason. These groupthinkers are dangerous because they think they are right, they think they are the elites. And they are going after you and I. They want what we have, which is the ability to earn a living, using our brains and muscle to make our own food, create heat, air conditioning, etc. They are too stupid, so want the government to use force to get our stuff, yet they say they are for the people. They are for the stupid, lazy, city people, the "crafty Clintons" and other lawyers and politicians, so stupid they are dangerous - stay faw away from tthem. They will put us back into caves!



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