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Milwaukee IMC to host media workshop

Milwaukee IMC press release
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Independent Media Center-Milwaukee
(414) 372-5273,
Media contact: Nathan Hall (414) 372-5273

Independent Media Center-Milwaukee
to host progressive media workshop

The web-based Independent Media Center-Milwaukee will host its first media workshop Sunday, July 28 from 3-6 p.m. at Bremen Café, 901 E. Clarke St. (corner of Bremen and Clarke). The workshop will include a general introduction of the IMC movement along with theoretical and practical basics of journalism from a progressive perspective. It will conclude with a question and answer/discussion period.
“In line with the Indymedia mission statement, the goal of this Milwaukee workshop is to empower those who are traditionally marginalized from the corporate media -- labor, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered persons, people of color, women, the working class, and youth and students – to use Indymedia and other progressive media to have their life experiences and struggles vocalized,” said Bryan G. Pfeifer workshop coordinator. Pfeifer, a freelance journalist published in over a dozen local and national newspapers and magazines, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Journalism Department and former Editor-in-Chief of The UWM Post at UWM, the largest campus weekly in Wisconsin.
Indymedia is the collective effort of hundreds of independent media makers from around the world who are dedicated to providing a forum for independent reporting about important economic, social and political issues. Several hundred media activists, many of whom worked for years to develop an active independent media through their own organizations, came together in late November 1999 in Seattle to create an Independent Media Center to cover protests against the World Trade Organization. Since then, the movement has grown to include over 90 centers worldwide and centers have reported on anti-corporate globalization protests, labor struggles, police brutality and numerous local, national and international events. Although varying to some degree, the majority of IMC’s use a web-based open publishing newswire where activists and independent journalists post news reports. Some Indymedia centers have published newspapers and other print publications as well as audio/video productions.
“At the core of the Indymedia movement is the belief that the corporate media is only concerned with profiting off entertainment passed off as news, people’s misery and sensationalism. We at Indymedia centers around the world, including Milwaukee, are challenging this by reporting on the everyday issues, struggles and dignity of ordinary people in our communities. This workshop will help towards this goal,” concluded Pfeifer.



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