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Background information of the Finnish Society and 'an emergency back-up update' to understand why things do go wrong.

FINLAND According to Police Statement, nothing relates the car bomb explosion near Helsinki Synagogue on July 16th at 6.50 a.m. to terrorism, any religion or political extreme movement [Aamulehti; Jukka Kaihlanen; p. A5; 'Poliisi uskoo...'].
All referring articles in Finnish newspapers repeat the normal Finnish police pattern; 'a single individual case' expression used as an agreed signal to the legal system, a statement saying 'not belonging to any Motor Cycle Club' to make sure all Motor Cycle Clubs are criminal, and excluding all possible connections to ex- Soviet mafia.
Also the second largest newspaper Aamulehti from the largest communist area Tampere, explains how disturbed lonely people or criminals -both fighting for the power in underground world (?)- are those found in guilty for such bomb acts [Aamulehti; Tuomas Kerkkäinen; p. A5; 'Hairiintyneiden ihmisten...'].
However, the articles do not expose layers using 'an individual case' as an agreed signal also for making in beforehand false and incorrect judgements. Naturally, false according to western law and juridical understanding only. And they might had forgot, that not all Motor Cycle Clubs are based on criminal activities and the fact of ex -Soviet mafia closing open trade on Helsinki streets.
Most worrying reference in the text is however related to the idea of having used expression 'disturbed lonely people' as the possible cause to these acts; In 189 pages 'private property protection' -lecturing material (ISBN 951-98052-3-0) against government criminal acts I simply prove the police and layer expertise and education meaningless when compared to some researcher. Also Police Force's and Layers' capabilities in solving out complex cases are totally non existing. After having read the Finnish Police Act and Enforcement Act no-one doubts why Chinese praised these laws and Finnish society; simply because they are for communism and do not leave any constitutional rights to people. When we combine the Finnish law interpretation to all crimes having committed by the government officials, then it is not really a wonder, that these sc. experts seem to say all kind of dirt from their mouth. If someone becomes 'disturbed' in Finland, then the only reason has to be mentally ill civil official. Worst case are those, who has got a positions, but forgot their brain home when they left to work. And most our civil officials have.

Ake Tyvi, Apupoika - Business Intelligence Finland



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