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There,s a killer loose in the suburbs

For 20 years a dirt bag named " Allan " has been randomly
assaulting and Murdering young women in the suburbs.

From 10/83 to 4/85 I was framed, railroaded by the Schaumburg Police in connection to a series of sexual assaults and Murders from the 1970,s.

I served 5 mos. hard time in the Cook Cook County Jail
and nearly gotv sentenced to 60 yrs. in prison on a "Scam"
by the Schaumburg Police.

To avoid embarassment, politics, etc. the Schaumburg police and former prosecutor Daley allow a dirt ball
to assault or knife to death young women.

Schaumburg Police officer Patrick hamill Jr. star no. 37
is the main culprit in a series of sexual assaults and Murders [ 847-932-7002 ]

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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