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Mexico, July 11 2001: CAMPESINOS OF SAN SALVADOR ATENCO BRUTALLY DAMAGED BY POLICE FORCES . (news compiled from the official Mexican media sources)
Approximately hundred casmpesinos were seriously damaged by the police forces (grenadiers) of the State.

The campesinos were demonstrating against the construction of the new airport, and near Teotihuacan wey, were detained by cops armed with guns, sticks and gas grenades. The way was closed previously with 2 vehicles, and after a discussion, the "civil" agents attacked from the trees, but they were repelled.

Immediately, the riot cops came in, and threw bottles, gas grenades, ans big stones. They persecuted the demonstrators. As they reached them, the cops damaged 20 campesinos with their own machetes. Some were shot. There is no confirmation about a rumor that one demonstrator died in the battle. The campesinos took six men as targets. 3 are cops and the other are funcionaries. They ask for the liberation of their partners to free the hostages. And they did put barricades all through the roadway, warning that they´ll burn a car every 2 hours if their companeros aren't free yet.

The situation got worse, baceuse authorities refused to dialog, and the campesinos warned the hostages would be killed if the pertners aren´t free. "We´re ready to die, but they´ll do it first."

The official media, as always, has targeted the campesinos as radical people manipulated by guerrilla, CGH (university strikers) PRD ("democratic party"), etc.

The UNAM CGH students have put barricades in _Insurgentes Avenue as a solidarity demonstration with the campesinos. Also some magisterial, studental and worker´s organizatoins are to go to Atenco. July 12 After a long silence, Mexican President, Vicente Fox announced by Santiago Creel that acts of violence won´t be tolerated and dispatched unknown members of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP)for the State of Right. Today authorities liberated 13 prisoners, but 2 are still in prison because they had aprehension orders.

This is the news until 6 PM of the Friday 12. This will be difused to the global Independient Media Centers and other electronic media. For translations, you can ask for them at coa_000 (at) or look for them at indymedia mexico, Chiapas or the Autonomía Newspaper page: and La Haine Web page in

A fraternal salute to the campesinos

We hope your international soldarity, pals!! ¡¡¡




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