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Gee, you think we oughta discuss police brutality one of these days?

NY City has a police brutality hotline.
Should there be one in every city?
Is this as epidemic as it feels?
Sure seems like it!
A patrolman local to me is on admin leave for
using deadly force on someone with a handgun.
He may or may not be justified in shooting
the man to disarm him. I don't want to waste
even a minute and a half debating that part of
it. My question is, did he need multiple shots
Police forces all over the Untied States right
now are completely out of hand. A municipality is
probably not going to reign them in without using
force themselves.
What to do?
If nothing else, we need to discuss this openly,
freely, and without harrassment. Someone in Inglewood
captured a cop beating a teenager nearly to death
last week. Now the L.A. police force is so powerful,
so corrupt, so immoral that they're pushing the
issue that there's warrant out for the videographer
in a clear and obvious attempt to discredit him.
Where's his immunity in exchange for his testimony?
Where's California's priorities? Damage control?
Killing the messenger?? We saw where that got California
in the electricity industry last summer. It SHOULD HAVE
At the same time the Inglewood case is raging, another
police brutality case seems to be growing organically
in Oklahoma into something just as "big." Or newsworthy
at least. Can we take those two cases in the context of
what's going on all over the nation? What's been going
on for years? Decades?
Are we ready to discuss apartheid? Can we discuss the
police state that's already here instead of pandering to
the mainstream sensibility and carefully talking about
the "future police state??"
Wake up people. It's here.
I was interrogated for two and a half hours last week
after taking three photographs of a police woman filming
protesters in Milwaukee.

Put this in the context of what's going on all over
the Nation State called "USA," and you tell an awfully
disturbing story.
(I tremble to even call it that. (USA - We are a very
divided nation right now. Mayhaps even more divided than
we ever were in our history - Is anyone ready to discuss
For crying out loud! Discuss something. Anything. Look
for issues, look for topics. Look for connections between
different events that are clearly being disconnected from
each other by the corporate media, the US government, and
the burgeoning world government.

This police state didn't begin September 12, 2001. It
was growing behind the scenes, quietly and discretely
since at least as early as the early 1980s.

Some say promptly after world war II. Let's not argue which
month it began, let's start helping each other figure out
where in hell it came from and how we can kick it in the ass
and send it running off like the "scape goat" it deserves
to be.
Because then we need to figure out where these bullshit
faked war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on communists,
war on witches came from.
Only then can we continue telling ourselves and each
other that we live in a free country, a democracy or
a republic with something resembling representation.




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