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Anti-Capitalist Convergence: Suburb Mobilization

The time has come for a new mobilization of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence. The suburbs of Chicago are growing into a Capitalist Empire that must be smashed before it gets bigger.
The Chicago suburbs have been under attack by giant corporations in the past three years. Three years ago, Naperville, a Chicago suburb was once a small town. Now Naperville is a capitalist empire. The down town district was once all family owned stores, small grocery stores. Now big time corporations like Barnes and Noble, Jewel-Osco, and McDonald’s are chomping away at the down town area. Half a block of buildings was torn down, in these buildings were a family owned Chinese Restaurant, a family owned comic book store, and more family owned business'. Now, a GIANT Barnes and Noble stands in their place. This massive four-story building has no purpose in a small town downtown area.

Cee-Bee's was a family owned grocery store downtown, a rather large one too. This was torn down to make room for an Eddie Bauer outlet store. Then the locally famous Cock Robin burger place was torn down, by the city, to make a park. That’s right, a park. This so called park only has a pagoda and a bench, some pak that is. These are some reasons why it is time for an Anti-Capitalist Convergence Suburb Mobilization. We need to smash corporate rule! We need to let the city know that we don’t like big corporations like Barnes and Noble here. We don't want an Eddie Bauer shopping center.

If you live in around Naperville, or in Naperville, please email us and get involved. Or just check out our website, and if you like what you see, come to one of our events. Remember, its time to smash corporate rule. We already let them get this far, lets not let them get any further!



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