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Capitalism will save us!

Hug a businessman!
For the freedom and justice we crave, we need to hug a businessman and entrepreneur. We need to support and protect their freedom, as well as ours. Let the doctors be doctors. Get the government out! Get the bureaucrats out. Then let freedom reign! No masters, no state, no religion, but man's individual brain. That's what has always brought mankind forward, the individual. We don't need more groupthink. For more, see Ayn Rand and "The Intellectual Activist". You teachers will not teach you this. It is against the state. They only teach you the state. They are afraid of freedom. They are slaves and want you to be slaves too. They are so stupid they are dangerous - stay away! Also, stay away from New Agers and religion. They teach nonsense also. So use your brain. Think for yourself. Enjoy your life. Don't listen to anyone else, but your own brain!



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