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You'll read below that Aaron Patterson, a victim of Jon Burge torture, has been moved from Pontiac to Menard. Farther away from Chicago, in isolation. All of this while his case is seemingly moving in the direction of Cook County. This likely foreshadows serious continuation of this cover-up. YOU need to be involved.
From JoAnn Patterson

Hello Supporters,

Yes, Thursday, June 27, 2002, I found about Aaron's move to Menard from an inmate at Pontiac and I am upset about the move with the isolation, no phone calls to me, racial environment and the 5-6's hour drive while driving
through KKK land to visit him.

We do not understand this relocation at all. Aaron is in hearings as to evidence of torture at the Cook County Court in Chicago. If there would be a move it seemingly be at the Cook County Jail for a possible retrial for him, thereby cutting cost to Illinois citizens with moving him from a farther location.

Aaron's address is now the following:

Aaron Patterson
PO Box 711
Menard Correctional Center
Menard, IL 62259

Thank you for your information and please write, as soon as possible, to let him know that you are aware of his relocation.

Take care, J. Patterson

Is Aaron being punished for his active participation in his efforts to determine his own future and save his life? Could it be a foreshadowing of plans for a continuation of the cover-up?

YOUR involvement is urgently needed. While it's difficult to really feel effective in a situation that is seemingly controlled by organizations which have their own agendas, it is possible by contacting the families directly, and being a part of a non-partisan, citizens movement. Be assured that you can act in accordance with the wishes of prisoners, and that your hard and heartfelt work will not be adopted for other purposes.

Please be encouraged that there is a popular, and increasingly international movement that is aware and active in these efforts. Your intelligence, individuality and creativity will be welcome and respected.




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