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Wed. 7/10: Demand new trial for cop torture victim Madison Hobley!

Cook County Judge Dennis Porter has bent to political pressure and denied a new trial to police torture victim and Death Row 10 member Madison Hobley a new trial. Protest this injustice at State's Attorney Dick Devine's office on WEDNESDAY, July 10 at 4PM, Daley Plaza, Randolph & Clark, Chicago.
Judge Denies Madison Hobley's Petition: Emergency Protest!!!

States Attorney Dick Devine’s Office
4:00PM, Wednesday, July 10
Daley Center/55 W. Randolph St. (Randolph & Clark, Chicago)

Cook County Judge Dennis Porter has bent to political pressure and ruled against Madison Hobley: No new trial. A member of the "Death Row Ten," Madison was framed by police who tortured him into signing a "confession" for the arson death of his own wife and child. The only witness against him was an arsonist who had been arrested in the area. No physical evidence links him to the crime!

States Attorney Dick Devine promised to review the Death Row 10 cases, but instead has pushed them under the rug because of his conflict of interest: Devine and his law firm defended torture ring leader, former Lieutenant Jon Burge, during the Police Board investigation. Devine worked as First Assistant to the States Attorney, Richard Daley, when most of the Death Row 10, along with 60 others in the prison system, were tortured. And to this day, Devine continues to obstruct justice in order to dodge public responsibility for building his career on the backs of police torture victims who were railroaded to death row.

Please come and voice your protest and demand that Dick Devine immediately investigate this injustice against Madison Hobley!

For more info, contact The Campaign to End the Death Penalty:
(773) 955-4841 or (773) 209-8476 (cell)

Email: noreen (at)




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