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Picnic Attacked in Wicker Park Over Flag-Burning

CHICAGO, Jul. 4 (IMC) - A picnic came under attack in Wicker Park this evening, resulting in one arrest and several bruises on one woman's body. One source, on condition of anonymity, told that several families decided that since they didn't like seeing a US flag being burned, they proceeded to verbally harass, kick, and punch members of the anarchist group.
An earlier flag burning occurred without incident, but the second one attracted attention and the ire of other park-goers. Arguments then led to physical violence. Police officers arrested Mike D. of the Autonomous Zone on unknown charges and reportedly took him to a facility at 2150 N. California.

After police left the area one woman seemed enraged that anarchists were explaining what had happened to nearby kids. She used "insulting, belligerent behavior."

The 13-old-girl had Sue of Peace Action on her back and was kicking her when a second round of officers approached and acknowledged the girl's aggressiveness and Sue's bruises. One security guard who had seen the girl attacker was not around by the time the second detachment of police arrived.

Another man was bleeding from the side of his mouth. The source said that the attacking group seemed to be targeting males with cameras. Cigarette butts and pieces of charcoal were also thrown at the group.



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