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Sabotaging The White Power Movement

Sabotaging The White Power Movement

Ashcroft's Justice Department is now
supporting a series of training programs that
explicitly urge police to worry not just about Al
Qaeda-style terrorists but also … other troublesome

A case in point of the new government front agency is
Bill White, head of the communist-leaning group
“Libertarian Sociaist News” White has become even more relevant of late, as this overweighted slob, has apparently converted to front for federally-liked “anti-hate” money, which he gleefully tried to dispense as a bribe to convert a significant number of white power activists that share one trait in common – they had all refused to convert to informers under pressure from a federal agency – the FBI, the BATF, or FEMA.

This is when a more disturbing trend in White’s
activities became clear. White had not picked the
activists he had contacted at random; rather, his
offers appeared to be following up on offers already
made to these mostly young people by the federal
government . All of those who refused were approached by
someone White-style in late June / early July.

Though the high correlation of federal activity and
White’s activity is not definitive, the mystery of who
is behind White’s money is not that deep of one. Only
a few organizations have the resources and the
interest to fund the “conversion” of skinhead gang
members – White’s LSN not being one of them, he must
therefore be working for someone bigger

In LSN’s case, you have someone acting to disrupt, discredit and confuse the White Power movement by writing rumors; in the other, you have someone recruiting other to disrupt, incriminate and assault members of the skinhead movement – and press which is unfriendly to the powers-that-bes’ goals. It is a dangerous world of spying and intrigue that has historically failed to make the United States any safer against subversives and terrorist threats.



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