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Nader is afraid of LIFE

Ralph Nader is ot a good leader!
Ralph Nader is so afraid of life, he never got married or had kids! He is an aristocrat, so conservative and afraid of life, yet you guys follow him! You are ready to hit a guy that smokes (since he is working class, just a way to hate someone yo think is below you). You are ready to beat up the farmer, the rancher, the logger, the hunter, the trapper, etc. What do they hve in common? They are all small town, working class - and the salt of the earth. So leave them alone, you Nazis! Go invent a better mousetrap. Go make a rocket ship so we can go to Mars for vacation! Leave us alone! We need more drunks! We need more hunters! I want my meat! Hitler was a vegetarian. And you love Hitler, because it gives you en excuse to hate a group of people. You and Nader are afraid of life! We want adventure, exploration and doing what humanity has done since the beginning of time - progress!



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