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RTS photo montage, with commentary

Saturday, June 29, RTS/Naperville: Hundreds of cops arrayed in nazi-stormtrooper helmets and full riot gear amass to protect the community from...peaceful, picnicing, kazoo-playing, soccer-ball-kicking, conga-line-dancing local youth. Final score? Arrests: a big fat zero. Copper humiliation factor: off the grid. Total: success!
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Photo captions:

#1: Picnicking in the park. About 150 young people and their supporters gathered to peacefully nosh, blow bubbles, and generally mellow out, under…

#2: …the watchful gaze of hundreds of Darth Vadar-attired, Nazi-stormtrooper-helmut-wearin', basically nervous as shit coppers, who had annoyingly…

#3: …taken the damned hill, the better to spy on everybody, the bastards! But that's ok, because…

#4: …a group of about 20 kids gathered below them, huddled, and then -- rolled down the hill. The cops' comment? "What the fuck…"

#5: There were counterprotesters, too, two of 'em! A veritable mass movement! The fellow on the left said that the RTS were a "bunch of terrorists whose sole purpose was to destroy society." He said this to a CLTV reporter. Then CLTV showed his comment on tv. It made him sound really loopy.

#6: Note the line of coppers at the far perimeter. Perhaps they gathered there to protect the river from dangerous anarchist propagandizing. Dopes, don't they know rivers are just about the perfect embodiment of the spirit of anarchism? Just whose side do they think the river was on? Duh! Dangerous youth day-of activities included hanging out, blowing bubbles and playing anarchist socker -- no rules, and nobody won! Yay!

#7: Other dangerous, society-damaging activities included the creation of a spontaneous kazoo-band circle of … er … kazooing. This included many beauteous renditions of anarchist AND pop tunes. It was very nice.

#8: One of Naperville's 'finest', tasked to videotaping every single solitary individual who showed up as well as every curious onlooker who had the misfortune of stumbling through. He looks mean, but behind those shades he's actually pretty much cowering. This was verified by his near perpetual nervous titter. Eew, the poor misguided goof. These nitwits were truly sold a bill of goods by their command level officers. Think they'll smarten up next time? Nope, I don't either.

#9: In the parlance of street organizations, they are known as 'OG's -- 'old gangsta's'. Some of us like to think of ourselves as OG's -- old geezers. Many OG's, like this lovely couple who are so clearly over 30 and their extremely photogenic baby, came out to support the kids after they heard about RTS and the goofy copper hysteria. This couple said they thought the police hype was just completely over the top and they decided to come out to show their solidarity with local young people. Later they pushed their baby stroller through downtown Naperville with the other RTS activists in a spontaneous conga line that snaked all over the city center, perplexing many and delighting others. It was very excellent.

#10: The hardy street medics also followed the RTS youth through downtown Naperville in the excellent conga line of liberation. Here they are belting out the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' at the top of their lungs. They did not sound a lot like the Righteous Brothers, but nobody minded -- and lots of onlookers joined in with the tune. Perhaps that is because many of the onlookers were teenagers when that tune first came out, and they were swept away in a moment of youthful nostalgia. Or perhaps they were just sucked in by the spirited, if slightly deranged, medic vocal artistry. I think it could have been the latter, but maybe it was the former. Many thanks to the RTS'er that got this tune started. It was swell singing!

Final score:
Arrests: a big fat zero.
Copper humiliation factor: off the grid.
Total: success!



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