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Senators Rescue God, Rebuff Gays

United States Senators had no time to consider the progay Employment Non-Discrimination Act, [ENDA] but on two successive days took lots of time to take aim at the US District Court ruling against religion in the public schools.

The world's self-proclaimed "most exclusive club" recently effectively tabled Hate Crime extension to gay and lesbian people. And ENDA which would bar employment discrimination against gays was not even brought up. But the US Senate on June 26 and June 27, 2002, debated and passed with no dissenting votes measures affirming the Pledge of Allegiance, and specifically the reference to "god" in the pledge. The members at one point left the hallowed Senate chamber to go outside and say the pledge in a more public manner.

In addition to public pledging, the Senators are very good at other posturing and promoting. Senate Democrat leader Tom Daschal said of the Court's ruling, "Its nuts." The tenor of discussion, or rather ranting, was hyper patriotic with no debate on the issues raised by the Court. Patriotism is a prerequisite to support for government security sweeps at home and war abroad, as the Senators surely know.

Inserted in 1954 to counter so-called "godless communism" after a campaign led by the Catholic Church oriented Knights of Columbus, the phrase "under God" was found by the Court to be an establishment of religion. They said that it violated the Constitutional prohibition against such activity.

Having paid all due respect to the national war god, the august Senators passed a multibillion dollar "defense" budget with only two dissenting votes. Let the War OF Terror continue! Oh, and you fairies have a happy Pride celebration and keep trying to win our approval. All together now: "god bless America!"



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