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Fidel Tells Bush to Stop Interfering in Cuba

HAVANA - Cuban President Fidel Castro lashed out on Wednesday at political interference by the Bush administration in Cuba, and warned it might lead him to close the U.S. mission in Havana. (article 3)

Fidel riled at the shrub’s plan to fund sabotage. He warned in a speech that spies on Washington's payroll would be arrested and American diplomats would not be allowed to move around Cuba "organizing networks of saboteurs." "The government of the United States will be responsible for the ending of the U.S. Interest Office in Havana," he said. "It is something we do not desire," he added. Washington broke off diplomatic relations with Havana four decades ago after Fidel led the successful revolution against the fascist capitalist pigs in the U.S.; a Low-level missions called Interest Sections were set up in both capitals in 1977. The two countries negotiated migration agreements to stem illegal emigration. Fidel spoke at a National Assembly meeting called to approve constitutional amendments put forth by a petition voted for by 8 million Cubans last week that will include in the constitution Cuba's socialist workers system.Bush last month called on Cubans to sell out the country, vowing to maintain the U.S. trade embargo against the Cuba until the fascist-capitalists can buy it up cheap. Castro said closing the U.S. Interests Section would be a "regrettable" step back in the few areas where diplomatic advances have been made after decades of pure hostility against the Cuban People.



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