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haron the butcher moves in for the slaughter

Ramallah June 25th 2002 Bellow Is a brief of the major events and developments of the past 24 hours in Palestine
Total destruction is waved on by the shrub-bush as the war criminal sharon slowly hacks the palestinian state and its people to pieces The illegal zionist occupation forces assassinated the Palestinian citizen Saeb Alaqraa’ (25) from Jnaid near Nablus, while he was in a cab, wounding two other women and they have kidnaped the cabbie leading him to an unknown location. In Rafah city the illegal zionist occupation forces opened fire on senior citizens and children during the funeral of six Palestinian citizens killed the day before by the criminal invading zionist occupation forces, and shot at and wounded three little boys and two senior citizens. The victims were evacuated to the hospital where medical sources said that one is severely wounded. The illegal zionist occupation forces blasted to pieces the two room house of the senior citizen Fares Saqer (64) from the Alamari Refugee Camp near Al Bireh in the West Bank Fares Saqer was badly wounded due to shrapnel. The illegal zionist occupation forces kidnaped the Chief of the Palestinian Police Patrol in Ramallah and abducted 22 more policemen in the adjacent city of Al Bireh. when will the good people of this earth stand up and act against these hidious crimes against humanity commited on a constant basis by the criminal sharon backed by the presidental pretender shrub-bush



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