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Yes - Cuba IS democratic

votes are in If any of you doubters haven't yet pulled your heads in, we have it confirmed. Cuba is democratic and their people have embraced socialism.
HAVANA (AP) — The president of Cuba's parliament equated socialism with democracy Thursday as he received more than 8 million signatures collected for a constitutional change declaring that the island's socialist system is ``untouchable.''
Ricardo Alarcon said the parliament would welcome the proposed constitutional amendment when it meets July 5.
``Only socialism offers the possibility of a real democracy; today is a historic day,'' Alarcon said after receiving boxes of signatures representing more than 99 percent of Cuba's legal voters. The boxes arrived in 23 vehicles, each identified with the name of a different province
OK. I know that there was no option. You either signed it or you didn't. Voting by petition.
But they managed to get "signatures representing more than 99 percent of Cuba's legal voters."



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