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"Peace Process" Shields US, Israeli State Terror

Bush's arrogant demands that Arafat step down and that Palestinians "democratize," maintain US rule through a continuation of war abroad and at home. Naturally, this is called "the peace process."
Flanked by war criminals Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell, George W. Bush today demanded that Arafat step down since he is "compromised by terror." Bush also lectured the Palestinians on the need for, and demanded that they adopt "democratic reforms," before the US government would work for a "provisional Palestinian state."

Ariel Sharon, who launched his career terrorizing Palestinians to secure land for the Zionist state, and who was later found BY AN ISRAELI COURT to bear responsibility for massacres of Palestinians in Lebanon, was never mentioned by the president. Bush earlier referred to Sharon as "a man of peace." No need to let the facts compromise the image of the beleagured Israeli leader.

Since Israel is a democracy by long held opinion in all the important US circles, including the Congress and the media, no mention need be made of its record by Bush. This includes the recent expulsion of a Palestinian legislator for daring to criticize Israel, the limits on ownership of land by Arabs, occupying by terror and expanded settlements of a neighboring people, and of course that citizenship goes automatically to Jews only. The "democracy" rests on the foundation of expulsion of thousands from their land. Not unlike its mentor nation, the United States. None of these facts can compete with the image of a "democratic" Israel in a "sea of repressive Arab regimes."

The vaunted "Peace Process" will continue until the cost becomes too high. The truth of US involvement in Vietnam and the oppressive puppet regime used by the US in a vain attempt to stop national liberation, helped to bring down both the US warmakers and their lackies.

Added to the courageous struggle of the Palestinian people, our fight in solidarity with them will eventually bring victory.



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